Best of this weekend

Best of the year | Analysis & Opinion | Reuters:

Delicious Drinks:

Nora Arnezeder by Eric Guillemain for Air France Madame February 2011:

Movie Magic:

Amber Heard for Esquire magazine 2011:

Paul – Trailer:

Karl X Johan – Flames (dir. cut):

Win Win – Trailer:

Oleg Ti – Photography:

A Magazine Is Born – the making of Little White Lies:

Gemma by Mario Zanaria:

Lighting Fashion in New York City, Part 2:

Denisa Dvorakova by Johan Sandberg:

Winter sports beat winter blues:

Betaworks builds a MakerBot:

A Beautiful Italian Micro Record Player:

Beautifully Offbeat Photography (13 photos):

Hanna – Trailer:

Tornado Alley – Trailer:

The Time That Remains – Trailer :

Digital Art by Steve Mcghee:

Intel Visual Life – The Sartorialist:

Viktoria Damaronak:

The King’s Speech – Trailer:

Gold – How its made:

HDR Timelapse Video Explained In Detail:

Bikes of San Francisco:

Behind the scenes -Flour dancers:

Street Portrait Photo How To:

Shutter/Flash Synchronization:

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