Finger Portraits by Dito Von Tease

The Italian artist Dito Von Tease creates finger portraits of famous figures.

Below you can see a couple of his finger portraits.


Che Guevara


Ronald McDonald

Mr. T

Steve Jobs


You can find more of his work over at

Oh Joy! – Bringing the country to the city (Video)

– We brought the country to the city. To revive the grey concrete, to break the routine and give you a moment to reflect on what we are and where we are going. Sometimes surprises just happen and we have no influence over them but we do have influence over our perception. How ready are you to accept whatever life throws at you with a smile?

Stephen Wiltshire – The Artist

After spending the early years of his life as a mute Stephen found his voice through drawing. Later diagnosed with autism, drawing began to be the way he communicated with the world. At age nine he began to speak and his art continued to flourish.

Stephen has the amazing talent of drawing city skylines from memory. Having spent only a few hours in a helicopter flying from Brooklyn to the tip of Manhattan, he memorized the city skyline and headed back to a studio to begin his drawing. Stephen then spent the next 3 days sketching the skyline.