How to make your own Lego Raspberry Pi computer case

Raspberry Pi loaded with one of the many Linux operating system versions is becoming ever so popular with geeks to experiment around and come up with new DIY projects.

After the much intuitive 64 ARM Raspberry Pi supercomputer by Simon Cox, this one is another interesting project which shows you how to house a Raspberry Pi computer inside a Lego enclosure.

Created by Fabien Meager the Lego casing is more like a treasure chest opening up to reveal the credit sized Raspberry Pi chip.

You just need a new Raspberry Pi and a few Lego bricks probably from your kid’s collection of Lego Mindstorms bricks. Thereafter connect the cables in the plugs and proceed to building the enclosure around your Raspberry Pi. To learn more on how to make it for yourself jump straight over to the project page.

Weekend Project – DIY tripod holder for my tablet

This weekend I wanted to make something that will allow me to spend more time standing up and not vegetate on my everyday office chair.

I started to think about a stand-up desk but it’s too expensive to buy one and I really don’t have enough time to build one myself.

Then I looked at my tripod and asked myself if I can make a little tripod mount that will hold my tablet when I want to read or browse the web.

I started digging into my box with all kinds of scrap and found two pieces of plastic which were perfect for my project. First, I had to cut a hole in the bottom plastic in order to fit the tablet and attach the back plastic. Then I got my hot glue gun and started gluing the back plastic part that will hold the tablet straight.

After a few more adjustments I managed to get a fairly cool and useful tablet holder for my tablet.

It’s not something amazing or out of the ordinary but it’s useful to me and it’s the first attempt of making a tripod mount for my tablet.

You can see the images below:




Please let me know if you like it and if you want me to post more projects like this every weekend.