Wine Tasting with Gary Vaynerchuk & Kevin Rose

I first saw Gary Vaynerchuk in an episode of Diggnation.
Diggnation is a podcast made by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht

In this video Gary Vaynerchuk from Wine Library gives a lot of simple and very useful tips about wine. It’s an older video but you’re missing out if you didn’t watch it by now.

Get to Know Chef John from Food Wishes

Chef John joins us for this edition of Meet & Eat to tell us about himself, his culinary experience, and walks us through a mahi-mahi ceviche. So give yourself a little break, it’s Friday after all, and watch this episode of Meet & Eat with the host and creator of Food Wishes.

When you’re done, head over to Food Wishes and see what else Chef John has been cooking up: