Alan Wilkis – Shadow (feat. Lyrics Born and White Hinterland)

May 25, 2012

Shadow is the second installment from Prints, a series of singles by Brooklyn-based recording artist and producer, Alan Wilkis. The song is a collaboration between Wilkis, Lyrics Born and White Hinterland.

Rory Sutherland: Perspective is everything

May 24, 2012

The circumstances of our lives may matter less than how we see them, says Rory Sutherland. At TEDxAthens, he makes a compelling case for how reframing is the key to happiness.

Dr. Reggie Watts on innovation and out of the box thinking

May 23, 2012

Dr. Reggie Watts proposes some new, revealing insights on innovation and out of the box thinking in a new world of challenges for the organizational production funnel in business value environments of seemingly unrealistic, concrete demands from new, experienced entrepreneurs. Click here to watch the entire presentation.

How to use an Afghan box camera “kamra-e-faoree”

May 22, 2012

The Afghan Box Camera Project provides a record of the kamra-e-faoree (instant camera) which as a living form of photography is on the brink of disappearing in Afghanistan. In this video, Qalam Nabi, one of the last two remaining box camera photographers in Kabul demonstrates how to use his camera.

Uncle Drew – NBA Rookie of the Year

May 22, 2012

NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving dresses as old man, and schools everyone

Map of Europe – 1000 AD to present day

May 20, 2012

A very impressive time-lapse of the map of Europe from 1000 AD to the present day

Bop It! – All Male, All Awesome, All A Cappella

May 20, 2012

The Y Chromotones are an all male a cappella group from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

A Brief History of John Baldessari

May 18, 2012

The epic life of a world-class artist John Baldessari, jammed into six minutes. Narrated by Tom Waits.

Sport’s Beauty

May 17, 2012

Slow-Motion compilation of awesome and high quality sport footage.

MaKey MaKey – An Invention Kit for Everyone

May 16, 2012

It’s a Kickstarter project, a simple invention kit for beginners, experts, and everything inbetween. You can check it out at

Domino Chain Reaction

May 15, 2012

A domino can knock over another domino about 50% larger than itself. A chain of dominos of increasing size makes a kind of mechanical chain reaction that starts with a tiny push and knocks down an impressively large domino.

A life changing moment with Steve Jobs

May 15, 2012

Steve Jobs Iconic Moments – Changing the World

Bathroom with glass floor

May 14, 2012

Having a bathroom with glass floor should be a great way to take a crap faster.

The Elevator Experiment

May 13, 2012

A group conformity experiment that relates to Solomon Asch’s experiment.

Europa League Final 2012: Atletico Madrid – Athletic Bilbao

May 12, 2012

Europa league final 2012 – Bucharest, Romania

Explore the universe with this awesome application

May 6, 2012

This is a very cool interactive infographic! Copyright 2012. Magnifying the Universe by Number Sleuth.

Ethan, a 6-year-old with autism, plays Piano Man

May 2, 2012

Ethan, a six year old on the autism spectrum plays a Billy Joel favorite.

Transforming furniture

April 26, 2012

Lovely Monster – Short Film

April 25, 2012

This short film tells the true story of Sophia, a young woman dealing with a rare and very dangerous condition.

Catalunya 2009 Motogp “Rossi teaches Lorenzo a lesson!”

April 22, 2012

Possibly the best Motogp race finish ever! Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo battle it out in Catalunya 2009 with Rossi eventually winning the race and making it a staggering career 99 race wins!

Hexagonal Pewter Stool

April 22, 2012

Timelapse of an artist making furniture in the sand

Full-sized foldable bike

April 20, 2012

An amazing light weight full-sized foldable bike that can easily fit into an apartment.

2Pac is alive and performing at Coachella 2012

April 17, 2012

Realistic hologram of the rapper 2Pac was shown at Coachella this year. The hologram

The invention of the word Boob

April 16, 2012

This is how the word “Boob” got invented

From abandoned warehouse to a beautiful house

April 13, 2012

American architect & design icon Michael Graves made a beautiful home from an abandoned warehouse.

1974: Arthur C. Clarke predicts the Internet and PC

April 12, 2012

In1974 Arthur C. Clarke told the ABC that every household in 2001 will have a computer and be connected all over the world. Courtesy of Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Push to add drama

April 12, 2012

To launch the high quality TV channel TNT in Belgium they placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. A sign with the text “Push to add drama” invited people to use the button.

Madalina Pica Sexy Dance

April 8, 2012

Madalina Pica sexy dancing for a commercial

Japan in 8 minutes

April 7, 2012

Welcome to Earth

April 6, 2012

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Living and Longevity

April 6, 2012

Question: Does a fixation on longevity detract us from living a full life? DeGrasse Tyson: rather think that we’d be spending more energy learning how to live better. I’d rather start there and then worry about the longevity thing a little later. Part of knowing that you’re going to die, not to get all philosophical […]

The remarkable story of Salty and Omar

April 6, 2012

From Allison Argo’s film “9/11: Where Were You?” for National Geographic, the story of Omar and his beloved guide dog Salty is a powerful testament to the love and trust between two old friends.

Project Glass by Google

April 5, 2012

Here’s how the future can look like: Go to to find out more.

God’s Eye View

April 3, 2012

This is a montage of straight-down shots used in various films. This type of shot is commonly referred to as a “God’s Eye View” angle. The camera lens is perpendicular to the subject without any POV reference, which gives the viewer an omniscient viewpoint of the character and the surrounding space. The video is cut […]

Silver and Light

April 3, 2012

IMAGINE: How Creativity Works

April 3, 2012

Flash Rosenberg imagines how the ideas in IMAGINE are tackled, tickled and teased-out by the author Jonah Lehrer.

Google puts a blind man behind the wheel of its self-driving car

March 31, 2012

Sometimes it feels all too easy to succumb to cynicism when looking at the cutthroat competition in the tech world, but a new video from Google that demonstrates its self-driving car is more than enough to lead one’s heart back to the optimism inherent in human technology. In the video, Google employees pick up Steve […]

The Watchmaker

March 31, 2012

Michael Davis

March 28, 2012