Sam Harris – It Is Always Now

December 6, 2013

Sam Harris, an American neuroscientist, author, and philosopher, shares his concept of the present moment and why it matters to live in the now rather than wait for the “now” of the future. This video asks viewers to live for each and every moment.

Pictures from a developer’s life

August 18, 2013

When I show the boss that I have finally fixed this bug When I’m deploying code to production When a friend of mine asks me to fix his website built with Joomla When the code that I have not tested on dev works perfectly in production When I apply a new CSS for the first […]

What if money was no object?

October 5, 2012

Everyone should watch this very inspirational video. It explains that it’s better if you choose to do what ever you like in your life and don’t choose to do a something just for the money. “Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing then a long life spent in […]

Push to add drama

April 12, 2012

To launch the high quality TV channel TNT in Belgium they placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. A sign with the text “Push to add drama” invited people to use the button.

The Story of Sushi

March 6, 2012

See the journey of your fish meat until it gets in your plate:

Interactive Painting Shakes Up The Still Life Genre

January 27, 2012

This idea is very interesting. I’d love to play with a painting like this: Source

Chaplin (1992)

October 9, 2011

A film about the troubled and controversial life of the master comedy filmmaker.