Magic Baby Photography Project

Anthony Stuart and his lovely and magical wife turned their daughter’s birth into a fun photo shoot opportunity, casting themselves as an adorable magician’s show. He created the Daddy’s Little Prop blog to showcase staged photographs of his daughter and family. In this series, which is called The Magic Show, you can tell that they’re having fun – their smiles and expressions are infectious. At the end of the show, they pull their cute little newborn rabbit out of the hat and pose for the camera.







Source: Daddy’s Little Prop

An Honest Liar – Trailer

An Honest Liar tells the incredible life story of famed magician-turned-skeptic and enemy of deception, James “The Amazing” Randi. The film brings to life his infamous escapades that publicly exposed psychics, faith healers and con artists with quasi-religious fervor. Today, Randi himself faces the price of a deception that might cause the loss of his partner of 26 years. Along the way, the film will reveal the nature of magic and deception and show how easily our perceptions can be fooled – by magicians, con artists, and even documentaries.