Homeless Veteran Timelapse Transformation

November 8, 2013

It’s not always easy transitioning to everyday life after leaving the military, but one Michigan charity is trying to makes things easier for homeless veterans right around Veterans Day. U.S. Army veteran Jim Wolf hasn’t had an ideal life since returning home. He has struggled with poverty, homelessness, and alcoholism for decades, but two months […]

Louie Schwartzberg: Nature, Beauty, Gratitude

April 24, 2013

Louie Schwartzberg is an award-winning cinematographer, director, and producer whose notable career spans more than three decades providing breathtaking imagery for feature films, television shows, documentaries and commercials. This piece includes his short film on Gratitude and Happiness. Brother David Steindl-Rast’s spoken words, Gary Malkin’s musical compositions and Louie’s cinematography make this a stunningly beautiful […]

Map of Europe – 1000 AD to present day

May 20, 2012

A very impressive time-lapse of the map of Europe from 1000 AD to the present day

Europa League Final 2012: Atletico Madrid – Athletic Bilbao

May 12, 2012

Europa league final 2012 – Bucharest, Romania

Hexagonal Pewter Stool

April 22, 2012

Timelapse of an artist making furniture in the sand

The City of Samba

March 6, 2012

Tilt-Shift time-lapse of the city of Samba

TimeScapes 4K

December 8, 2011

This is production footage from a forthcoming debut film, “TimeScapes,” a portrait of the American Southwest. The quality of this video is amazing and I very much enjoyed watching it. You can download the 1080p version from Vimeo