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The legend that never was. Why New Yorkers are stupid

By Mefistofel, October 26, 2010

I hate general statements, but as days go by I’m starting to believe that New Yorkers are not that smart.

Europe is being torn apart by violent protests generated by the decaying economies. Austerity measures bite from our daily finances as never before. Apart from Germany maybe, we are all deep in mud. But we get by.

But you know who doesn’t? The 10.9 million children who die of hunger, each year, according to UNICEF. But as Stalin said, it’s nearly a statistic, isn’t it, beloved Big Apple residents?

Speaking of which, let us not forget that each year 100.000 New Yorkers experience homelessness. Got change for them, Obama?

What I’m saying is that the world has enough problems as it is. For some, we can make a difference, if we only cared. It is not a good idea to invent new and valueless ones.

Which brings me to the point. I’ve just seen the trailer for “The Legend of Pale Male”, a documentary about a hawk that built its nest in Central Park.
This kid sees the hawk, likes it, and spends the next 20 years filming it.

During this period, the Pale Male becomes an attraction for tourists, a place of pilgrimage and even more, a reason for protesting. Between those who give a fuck about it, one could see movie stars, poets, dogs, and late night comedy show hosts.

I’m not saying nature isn’t valuable. It might be a miracle that a hawk stayed that long in the eyes of the beholders, but I can’t find a single reason why it had to generate such a buzz. Between you and me, New York and nature haven’t got enough room in the same sentence.

If you still want to see it, just click here.

What do you think?

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