Weekend Project – DIY tripod holder for my tablet

By Paul, October 19, 2012

This weekend I wanted to make something that will allow me to spend more time standing up and not vegetate on my everyday office chair.

I started to think about a stand-up desk but it’s too expensive to buy one and I really don’t have enough time to build one myself.

Then I looked at my tripod and asked myself if I can make a little tripod mount that will hold my tablet when I want to read or browse the web.

I started digging into my box with all kinds of scrap and found two pieces of plastic which were perfect for my project. First, I had to cut a hole in the bottom plastic in order to fit the tablet and attach the back plastic. Then I got my hot glue gun and started gluing the back plastic part that will hold the tablet straight.

After a few more adjustments I managed to get a fairly cool and useful tablet holder for my tablet.

It’s not something amazing or out of the ordinary but it’s useful to me and it’s the first attempt of making a tripod mount for my tablet.

You can see the images below:




Please let me know if you like it and if you want me to post more projects like this every weekend.

What do you think?

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