Everything you need to know about Solar Roadways

June 1, 2014

If you’ve ever wondered about the technology behind smart solar panels for roadways, the fast-talking narrator in this video has you covered. Designed by married couple Scott and Julie Brusaw, their dream could be the first step in a brighter tomorrow. UPDATE: And here we have some explanations why it’s bullshit:

The magic of Vedic math – Gaurav Tekriwal

April 29, 2013

There is more than one way to reach a correct answer in mathematics. Vedic math, an ancient Indian method, sidesteps traditional computations in a manner that provides a shortcut, while being fun to use and to learn. At TEDYouth 2012, to ooh’s and aah’s from the amazed crowd, Gaurav Tekriwal demonstrates the magic of Vedic […]

The Human Brain in the Age of Insight: Eric Kandel LIVE on Big Think

March 27, 2013

In his latest book The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind and Brain from Vienna 1900 to the Present, Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel talks about the intersection between theories of creativity and brain science. He responds to viewer-submitted questions in this livestream interview, originally recorded on March 22, […]

Quadrocopter Pole Acrobatics

February 23, 2013

This video shows two quadrocopters capable of not only balancing an inverted pendulum, but also of launching it off the vehicle and catching it again.

The way Richard Feynman explained science was amazing

January 29, 2013

Richard Phillips Feynman was an American theoretical physicist known for his work in the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics, the theory of quantum electrodynamics, and the physics of the superfluidity of supercooled liquid helium, as well as in particle physics (he proposed the parton model). For his contributions to the development of quantum electrodynamics, […]

What Aristotle and Joshua Bell can teach us about persuasion

January 28, 2013

Imagine you are one of the world’s greatest violin players, and you decide to conduct an experiment: play inside a subway station and see if anyone stops to appreciate when you are stripped of a concert hall and name recognition. Joshua Bell did this, and Conor Neill channels Aristotle to understand why the context mattered.

Science of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini & Steve Martin

January 22, 2013

Check out this new animation describing the Universal Principles of Persuasion based on the research of Dr. Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing, Arizona State University. Dr. Robert Cialdini & Steve Martin are co-authors (together with Dr. Noah Goldstein) of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Business Week International Bestseller Yes! […]

The Super Supercapacitor

December 29, 2012

Ric Kaner set out to find a new way to make graphene, the thinnest and strongest material on earth. What he found was a new way to power the world.

The End of Everything

December 3, 2012

Another good and interesting video from SciShow. This time is about the end of the world as we know it and what most likely will happen to our planet in the future.

A message from ISS to all humankind

December 2, 2012

This is a message from ISS to all humankind:

Can nanotechnology create utopia?

November 19, 2012

Michio Kaku talking about nanotechnology. Transcript Michio Kaku: Throughout human history people have tried to create utopia, the perfect society. In fact, America, the American dream, in some sense was based on utopianism. Why do we have the Shaker movement? Why did we have the Quakers? Why did we have so many different kinds of […]

Build yourself

November 15, 2012

In the farmlands of Missouri, an unlikely Polish physicist is developing affordable, easy to build industrial machines and sharing his designs on the Internet for free.

The key to science featuring Richard and Joan Feynman

November 9, 2012

Fantastic video featuring Richard Feynman and Joan Feynman. Richard Phillips Feynman (May 11, 1918 – February 15, 1988) was an American theoretical physicist. Joan Feynman (born March 31, 1928) is an astrophysicist, and the younger sister of Richard Feynman.

What’s invisible? More than you think – John Lloyd

November 5, 2012

Gravity, the stars in day, thoughts, the human genome, time, atoms. So much of what really matters in the world is impossible to see. A stunning animation of John Lloyd’s classic TEDTalk from 2009, which will make you question what you actually know.

Ladder of inference – Rethinking thinking

November 3, 2012

Every day, we meet people and process our interactions, making inferences and developing beliefs about the world around us. In this lesson, Trevor Maber introduces us to the idea of a ‘ladder of inference’ and a process for rethinking the way we interact.

BitTorrent, Explained

October 30, 2012

Are you new to the world of BitTorrent? Have you been using BitTorrent for awhile, but you’re curious about how it all works? This video, produced by the team behind the popular BitTorrent and µTorrent software, includes an overview of the BitTorrent ecosystem and gives you great tips on how to leverage the products for […]

Arduino-based, urban aquaponics in Oakland

October 25, 2012

The land in West Oakland where Eric Maundu is trying to farm is covered with freeways, roads, light rail and parking lots so there’s not much arable land and the soil is contaminated. So Maundu doesn’t use soil. Instead he’s growing plants using fish and circulating water. It’s called aquaponics – a gardening system that […]

Can We Resurrect the Dinosaurs? Neanderthal Man?

October 22, 2012

Dr. Michio Kaku answers the question of whether it is possible to resurrect the dinosaurs by “turning on” their ancient genes? Moreover, now that we have also sequenced the genes of the Neanderthal man, at some point in the future it may be possible to bring him back. And then of course, if a young […]

Non-Exploding Soda Can – Cool Science Experiment

October 15, 2012

Mom always said not to play with your food, but we figure Steve wasn’t listening anyway. That’s probably how he came up with this cool demonstration that shows the secrets of air pressure. It is sure to give your friends quite a shock.

The LED is 50 years old today

October 12, 2012

The LED was invented 50 years ago and Nick Holonyak (inventor) is still around and he’s talking about it. You can check out the interview below:

Nikola Tesla – Great Minds on SciShow

October 7, 2012

Nikola Tesla spoke eight languages and, at the time of his death, held over 700 patents and was being investigated by the US government for claiming to have invented a 60 million volt death ray. Tesla was an undisputed genius. You can find more videos like this on the SciShow YouTube channel.

What an Astronaut’s Camera Sees at Night

October 4, 2012

See what an astronaut sees at night. Time-lapse footage taken from the International Space Station

The Science of Procrastination – And How To Manage It

October 2, 2012

Another awesome video by AsapSCIENCE. This time the video it’s about procrastination and how you can manage it. If you are reading this, most likely you have the same problem. You are bored and can’t concentrate on doing something useful or creative. This video will provide some tips on how to stop procrastination:

Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind

September 18, 2012

Beautiful video that explains a lot of cool and awesome facts.

Kent Larson talking about responsive cities

September 14, 2012

For the first time in history more people live in cities than in rural areas and the trend is accelerating worldwide. In this TEDPrize City 2.0 talk Kent Larson, director of the MIT Media Lab Changing Places group, tackles the problems of increased congestion and pollution with new models for urban dwellings, shared-use vehicles, and […]

StreetPong in Hildesheim, Germany

September 12, 2012

A cool way to spend your time waiting for the light to turn green.

Acoustic Touch Screen Demonstration

September 6, 2012

A new kind of touch screen technology:

All Kids are born scientists, but are crushed by society itself – Michio Kaku

August 26, 2012

Michio Kaku talking about kids and the education they get into the current education system. I have to agree with him. The system really needs some major changes.

Tambour Table

August 20, 2012

I love the design and the functionality of this table.

Man makes bike out of cardboard

August 13, 2012

Amazing! This guy made a bicycle out of cardboard.

Cutting Board Drawer

August 9, 2012

The coolest idea for a cutting board for your kitchen. When I was thinking about the layout of my kitchen, I wanted to try and incorporate as many features as I could that would make the most out of my space. (I like everything to be tucked away). Magazines and kitchen design books were a […]

DoubleBack Volkswagen Campervan

August 2, 2012

I love this car! DoubleBack VW Campervan is very nicely done. Seems to me that it is the car to own when you go camping. It’s extensible, it has two beds and it can easily accommodate four people. Check the images and videos below: Video: Practical Motorhome video review:

Behind The Scenes With The Robots Photographing the Olympics

August 1, 2012

Did you know that this year a lot of the photos from the Olympics will be made by robot controlled by people on the ground? Take a look at this video:

Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange

July 31, 2012

How encryption works. Explained for anyone to understand.

The Batpod

July 24, 2012

If you didn’t know, the Batpod is actually functional and not just a computer animation thing. Check out this video:

Car and Mobile Home

July 17, 2012

The German designer Christian Susana created an intelligent mobile home. It has a flexible living space with individually applicable multi-functional modules. Equipped with auto technology and modern amenities this RV can be a small car when you don’t need the RV and a whole RV when you actually need one. Source

De Markies – The mobile home

July 5, 2012

“De Markies” (The Awning) was an entry in the “Temporary Living” competition 1985 and was conceived as a mobile home. On the road, it measures 2.00 m by 4.50 m, and once it has arrived at its destination its floorspace can be increased threefold in a matter of seconds. “De Markies” was awarded the Public […]

Audacious Visions by Neil deGrasse Tyson

June 21, 2012

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson delivers an impassioned plea to the U.S. Congress to hoist America from its economic lethargy by boldly reinvesting in a robust space program.

The world reacting to a new perspective – Neil deGrasse Tyson

June 9, 2012

Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about the world as a whole.

Joel Bukiewicz – The knife maker

June 2, 2012

Joel Bukiewicz loves grinding steel. He’s the man behind Cut Brooklyn, making high-end knives to order for chefs and home cooks. Bukiewicz found that honing metal was more satisfying than honing his novel, but as with many writers and their characters, Bukiewicz remembers details about every knife he’s made. The video takes you through the […]

Map of Europe – 1000 AD to present day

May 20, 2012

A very impressive time-lapse of the map of Europe from 1000 AD to the present day

MaKey MaKey – An Invention Kit for Everyone

May 16, 2012

It’s a Kickstarter project, a simple invention kit for beginners, experts, and everything inbetween. You can check it out at makeymakey.com

Domino Chain Reaction

May 15, 2012

A domino can knock over another domino about 50% larger than itself. A chain of dominos of increasing size makes a kind of mechanical chain reaction that starts with a tiny push and knocks down an impressively large domino.

The Elevator Experiment

May 13, 2012

A group conformity experiment that relates to Solomon Asch’s experiment.

Explore the universe with this awesome application

May 6, 2012

This is a very cool interactive infographic! Copyright 2012. Magnifying the Universe by Number Sleuth.

Transforming furniture

April 26, 2012

Full-sized foldable bike

April 20, 2012

An amazing light weight full-sized foldable bike that can easily fit into an apartment.

1974: Arthur C. Clarke predicts the Internet and PC

April 12, 2012

In1974 Arthur C. Clarke told the ABC that every household in 2001 will have a computer and be connected all over the world. Courtesy of Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Project Glass by Google

April 5, 2012

Here’s how the future can look like: Go to g.co/projectglass to find out more.

Google puts a blind man behind the wheel of its self-driving car

March 31, 2012

Sometimes it feels all too easy to succumb to cynicism when looking at the cutthroat competition in the tech world, but a new video from Google that demonstrates its self-driving car is more than enough to lead one’s heart back to the optimism inherent in human technology. In the video, Google employees pick up Steve […]